Data Sheets

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RAPIX DALI-2 Power Supply
RAPIX DALI-2 Power Supply
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DALI-2 USB Interface - Addressing Tool
DALI eHub - RJ45 Sensor and Switch Consolidation Point
DALI Ethernet Interface
DALI Zone Controller - 4 Line DALI Gateway
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DALI 400W Phase Dimmer
DALI 1 and 2 Channel 10 A Relays
DALI-2 Low Power Voltage Free Relay
DALI-2 Blind and Shutter Relay
DALI-2 One and Two Channel 12Amp DIN Relays
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DALI Presence and Light Level Sensor
DALI Long Range Presence Sensor
DALI IP Rated Long Range Sensor
Surface Mount Sensor Housings
Field of View Mask
DALI Presence Sensor
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DALI Universal Switch Input
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DALI LED Modular Switches
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eHub Peripherals - LED Master and Slave Mechanisms
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3.5" LCD Touchscreen
RAPIX 5 inch touch screen
5" LCD Touchscreen
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eHub Peripheral - Dry Contact Coupler
eHub Peripheral - Sensor Multiplexer
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DALI-2 LED Drivers
DALI Emergency LED Drivers
Phase Dimmable LED Drivers
DALI Emergency Conversion Modules
0-10V LED Drivers
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Phase Adaptive Rotary Dimmer
MultiMate Dimmers
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