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Ozuno - A Solid History Of Innovation


Beginnings in DALI
DALI development begins in Gerard Lighting

Research & development starts for a family of DALI products including interfaces, LED lamp drivers and Emergency lighting drivers.

Testing for DALI compliance
First DALI tester (ProbitLab) Acquired

ProbitLab tester acquired to allow in-house testing for compliance with DALI standards.

February 2013
First Releases
First DALI products released

First release DALI products for Emergency Lighting monitoring:

  • RAPIX Emergency Software
  • RAPIX DALI / Ethernet Interface
  • DALI Power Supply
July 2013
Let there be light!
DALI LED drivers released
DALI-2 LED Driver

First family of DALI LED downlight drivers released.

September 2013
Solving the DALI Addressing problem
DALI Red Box and RAPIX Addressing

The famous Red Box and RAPIX Addressing software allow the fastest possible address assignment processes for a DALI line.

Continuous improvements and updates since that release mean this is still the best and fastest way to assign DALI and DALI-2 short addresses.

November 2013
Beginnings in Emergency LED Drivers
Initial Family of Emergency LED Drivers
LED Drivers - DALI Emergency

DALI Emergency LED Drivers released to suit NiMH and NiCd batteries.

Updates followed in 2014 for Lithium Batteries.

July 2014
Dimming and Fading
Standalone Mains Phase Dimmer
Rotary Adaptive Phase Dimmer

Standalone electronic phase dimmer for in-wall use, especially designed for LED loads. 

Gone on to become the largest selling standalone phase dimmer in Australia.

July 2015
Switching on!
DALI Relays

Ultra-robust DALI Relays in 1 and 2 Channel versions. 10AX rated and 500A inrush, suitable for DIN rail or field mount and with easy wiring termination.

February 2016
A first foray into User Interfaces

With limited current available on a DALI line, switches and sensors can present challenges. The eHub allows switches, sensors, touchscreens and ethernet based A/V systems to control DALI lines.

March 2016
Large scalable systems
RAPIX DALI Zone Controller

Zone Controller released to solve the scaling up problem of DALI. Adds ability to create Zones comprising DALI Short Addresses and Groups located on any line, and with limitless scaling up - just add more Zone Controllers to handle more DALI lines.

Continuous improvement with regular new capabilities and software updates ever since.

July 2016
Emergency Conversion
LED Emergency Conversion Drivers

Initial release of DALI Emergency Conversion drivers - allow an existing LED luminaire to be adapted for Emergency operation.

November 2016
Fading again and again
Multi-way Standalone Mains Phase Dimmer
Rotary Adaptive Phase Dimmer

Invented and released Multimate technology - a  revolutionary new standalone electronic phase dimmer for in-wall use, especially designed for LED loads. 

Multimate dimmers, switches, timers and sensors are wired in parallel using existing mains wiring to allow dimming, switching and movement sense control with no control system, no extra remote wiring, no power line signalling and no radio.

December 2016
Worlds best phase dimming for DALI
DALI Phase Dimmer
RAPIX DALI Adaptive Phase Dimmer

DALI Adaptive Phase Dimmer,  specially optimised for LED phase dimmable loads.

July 2017
Multimate goes wireless
Sitara Wireless System

Sitara - a wireless system with internet gateway and interoperability with Multimate multi-way dimmers and switches - allowing app based lighting control including phase control loads.

September 2017
Ozuno formed
Formation of Ozuno

Ozuno is formed from a management buy-out of the Gerard Lighting R&D Group, with an initial international sales focus.

August 2019
RAPIX DALI Occupancy Sensor

RAPIX DALI Presence and Light Level sensor with separate switch input. Capable of operating as a standalone controller and also as part of a larger RAPIX DALI system.

September 2019
Lower total cost
Budget Lithium Emergency LED Driver
LED Drivers - DALI Emergency

Emergency LED Driver running from a single lithium cell for lowest cost solution of driver and battery.

February 2020
Switching up!
DALI Universal Switch Input

Up to 6 switches can be used for DALI control. Switches can be selected as momentary, toggle, or a relay contact of a voltage-free occupancy/presence sensor.

August 2020
Testing for DALI-2 compliance
Second DALI tester (ProbitLab2) Acquired

ProbitLab2 tester acquired to allow in-house testing for compliance with DALI-2 standards.

Rapidly followed by DALI-2 compliance for a number of existing products.

September 2020
Can't get the parts
Electronic component shortages become common

Severe electronic component shortages begin to bite for all electronic parts, from all suppliers, world-wide.

Lead times reach one year for typical factory product orders, electronic components and for new product developments. 

Car makers can't ship cars, medical devices get priority on components.

This continues through to at least mid 2023.

October 2020 - February 2021
Ozuno grows
RAPIX and DALI Transaction

Ozuno purchases the Australian and New Zealand market access rights for all of the RAPIX and DALI technology, and acquires all related inventory from Gerard Lighting.

Technical Support of this range switches to Ozuno.

November 2021
Low current switching
Low Power Voltage Free Relay
RAPIX DALI-2 Low Power Voltage Free Relay

DALI-2 Low Power Voltage Free Relay - suitable for 1A load switching, ac or dc (with no de-rating), with inrush management and all based on an innovative semiconductor switching technology.

November 2022
DIN Relays
DIN rail mount relays

DALI-2 DIN rail mounted relays in 1 and 2 channel versions, with 12AX current rating and 500A per channel inrush rating.

November 2022
New Levels of Control!
Modular Wall Switches

Master and Slave modular wall switches in two push styles and one rotary style. Built-in Controller, scalable with the RAPIX system and connected directly to a DALI line.

March 2023
Facility Maintenance Made Simple
RAPIX Facilities Release

RAPIX Facilities - a major new software release for simplified facility maintenance and reporting. Accompanied by a major update to RAPIX Integrator software, including updates to features and capabilities for floor plan entry.

April 2023
DALI-2 Blind and Shutter Relay
DALI-2 Blind Shutter Relay

DALI-2 relay suitable for controlling blinds, shutters, and tilt shading systems. Includes common operations such as open/close/stop, as well as proportional control. Suitable for ac and dc motors.

November 2023
Show it to me!
RAPIX Touch Release

Application for Windows Touchscreens - multi-page, widget based creation of user interfaces with easy network upgrades and deployments.

February 2024
DALI-2 Certification Everywhere

All RAPIX Input Devices (switches, sensors, universal switch input) are DALI-2 certified.

Zone Controller updates support DALI-2 Instance Types 1, 2, 3 and 4 (IEC 62386-301, -302, -303, -304).

February 2024
New sensors, controllers, inputs
New DALI-2 Products
DALI-2 Miniature Movement and Light Level Sensor
  • Sensor DGOZ-SEN30-PRLLSW
  • DIN Universal Interface DGOZ-DINUSI-6
  • 2 Channel Zone Controller DGOZ-ZONEC-2DA
May 2024
BMS Connectivity
BACnet integration

RAPIX Zone Controllers have a major new release that adds built-in BACnet integration
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