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Meet the Directors

Ozuno is 100% Australian owned.

Meet the directors – the faces behind Ozuno:

Ashleigh Quick


Ashleigh brings experience from complex electronics in defence and other lighting control manufacturers, particularly many years designing and writing embedded firmware. When not running the company, the rest of the team allow him to write a little firmware now and again.

Jim Vanderzon

Electronic Wizard

Jim thinks in circuits and tinkers in the lab. He's also designed every phase dimmer of significant sales in Australia over the last 30 years. Any circuit using more than a few micro-amps offends Jim, and leads him to try and do more with less power.

Darren Snodgrass

Software Wizard

Darren has been designing complex electronics and software for over 30 years, including for satellite systems and defence. He looks after the Ozuno software development team responsible for RAPIX Integrator, Addressing, Facilities and the Zone Controller.

Andrew Newman

The Great All-Rounder

Andrew is the walking encyclopaedia, who can quote component data sheets alongside car specifications. Andrew knows all there is to know about LED lighting, designs neat circuits and writes firmware in his copious free time.

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