RAPIX Desktop App

Take control of your lighting from the desktop

The RAPIX Desktop App allows simple control and monitoring of many aspects of the RAPIX Lighting Control System from a pop-up window on a desktop PC.

RAPIX Desktop App uses a secure connection to the RAPIX system through Zone Controllers. It can be used for sites of any size.

RAPIX Desktop is configured using the RAPIX Desktop Configuration software.

Software Features

Control and monitor many aspects of a RAPIX Lighting Control System
– Lighting Levels
– Lighting Colour Temperature
– Lighting RGB or RGBW colour
– Scenes
– System Modes
– Enable / Disable features, such as sensors
Light or Dark Theme
Encrypted configuration and communications
Simple configuration deployment using registry files
Supports automatic deployment using Group Policy
FREE SOFTWARE, no cloud servers or later ongoing fees

RAPIX Desktop App – Configuration Software

The RAPIX Desktop Config software is used to configure the RAPIX Desktop software.

RAPIX Desktop Config uses a secure connection to the RAPIX system through Zone Controllers. It can be used to make configuration files for users in sites of any size.

The deployment file is encrypted, and sets all configuration possibilities that a user can view and change. The administrator can determine which users will see which parts of the lighting system, and what they can do in those parts.

Software Features

Simple and fast creation of RAPIX Desktop configuration files
Many options
Encrypted configuration and communications
WYSIWYG – you see what the end-user sees as you build it – test as you go
Generates named configuration files for later deployment
Detailed Manual


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