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Phase Dimmable LED Drivers

Key Features

  • Input: 220 – 250 V ac, 50 Hz with phase dimmer
  • Load: 21V, 30V and 36V lamps in a variety of current ratings
  • Dimming range from 0.5% to 100%
  • Smooth dimming to levels as low as 0.5% via mains rated, phase controlled dimmers (minimum level may depend on the dimmer used)
  • Compatible with all trailing edge, universal and leading edge dimmers
  • Build in dimming curve produces perceived linear brightness control
  • LED connection has open circuit & short circuit protection, with automatic recovery
  • Cable strain relief for Mains and dc wiring
  • Compatible with all current-regulated LED lamps that match the dc current and voltage specifications
  • Fully compatible with constant colour and dim to warm lamps
  • Active thermal wind-back when used with compatible lamps, to protect against LED damage due to overheating
  • Available in a range of lamp lead and mains connection options, including pre-terminated with an Australian / NZ 240 V ac 10 A mains flex & plug
  • Tool removable terminal cover makes it suitable for installation inside and outside luminaires


A family of premium Constant Current LED drivers suitable for driving and dimming LED loads controlled by standard phase cutting dimmers.

These drivers provide best in class dimmer compatibility – they present as an ideal load to all phase dimmer types including leading edge, trailing edge and universal dimmers from any manufacturer. There are no LED load ghosting or flicker issues in when the load is turned off.

These drivers can be mounted inside a luminaire, a control gear housing, or be used as a separate driver for connection to a LED light engine.

Some models also support 24V dc Constant Voltage lamps, such as LED strip.

Order Code:

OZLC650C18PD – Phase Dimmable LED Driver, 650 mA, 12 – 21 V dc (4 – 7 LEDs)
Also suitable for 24V dc constant voltage lamps, such as LED strip

OZLC850C23PD – Phase Dimmable LED Driver, 850 mA, 12 – 21 V dc (4 – 7 LEDs)

Also suitable for 24V dc constant voltage lamps, such as LED strip

OZDC36C250PD – Phase Dimmable LED Driver, 250 mA, 36 V dc (7 – 13 LEDs)

OZDC36C350PD – Phase Dimmable LED Driver, 350 mA, 36 V dc (7 – 13 LEDs)

OZDC36C500PD – Phase Dimmable LED Driver, 500 mA, 36 V dc (7 – 13 LEDs)


Data Sheet

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