RAPIX Lighting Control System – Application Notes

The following application notes are available. Click the application note title to download.


App Note ReferenceTitle & Content
APN-RAPIX-001Using eHub with third-party sensors
APN-RAPIX-002eHub and Sensor Switch CM PDT 9 AU
APN-RAPIX-004Light Level Maintenance using RAPIX LCS
APN-RAPIX-005RAPIX / Eisbaer Quick Start Guide
APN-RAPIX-007Using RAPIX with Modbus
APN-RAPIX-010DALI Colour Control with RAPIX
APN-RAPIX-011Circadian Lighting with RAPIX
APN-RAPIX-012RAPIX Properties
APN-RAPIX-013Control of Common Areas and Exhaust Fans
APN-RAPIX-014RAPIX Schedules
APN-RAPIX-016Network Connectivity, IP Networking and RAPIX
APN-RAPIX-017Using the Steinel IR Quattro with RAPIX
APN-RAPIX-018Zone Controller Serial Port Interface
APN-RAPIX-020Using the Ethernet Interface with the RAPIX Zone Controller
APN-RAPIX-021Implementing a Heartbeat Monitor with RAPIX

Logic Engine Programming Guide

Version 15 – 1st June 2021

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