Ozuno is a premium lighting control systems company. We use our extensive in-house technology innovation, engineering and development capabilities to make rock solid lighting control products.

Our products span the range from standalone lighting control devices to complex networked lighting control systems.


The management and staff at Ozuno have extensive experience in the lighting control industry. Some of our staff have been in lighting control for nearly 30 years; the young ones are still learning after only 15 years or so. We’ve been doing this a long time, and have developed several lighting control systems. We know dimming, lamps, loads, and electronics.

Most recently, the staff were part of an R&D group in Gerard Lighting. A management buyout of the technology now sees us supporting Gerard Lighting as well as taking the technology to wider markets.

Light is the first element of design; without it there is no color, form, or texture.

Thomas E. Farin – educator, lighting consultant, entrepreneur


Over the last few years, the lighting industry has experienced a significant shift from conventional light sources to LED . This change has brought considerable challenges to the way lighting is controlled, and the compatibility of electronic control equipment.

Our RAPIX Lighting Control System is ultra-scalable, built upon open standards, and secure out-of-the box.

At Ozuno we have the latest in LED drivers. Our control devices are built around the DALI open standard. Our stand-alone products are world-leading. We can control the vast majority of LED lamps and drivers – including hard-to-control products where our competitors struggle.


In Australia and New Zealand, the Ozuno product range is distributed, sold and supported by Diginet Control Systems, a brand of the Gerard Lighting Group.

Ozuno supports Gerard Lighting and Diginet with deep technical support and new product development to suit the Australian and New Zealand markets.

For customer, installer or systems integrator technical support with Diginet branded dimmers, Multimate or Rapix products in Australia and New Zealand, please contact Diginet.


We can provide specialist contract electronic and software engineering.

Can we help you with your interesting electronic or software system design?

If you have a difficult electronic design problem that involves mains power control, energy saving / energy management, firmware on small microcontrollers, lower power availability, or sophisticated PC / database / IoT software, then we might be able to help.

We are currently pretty busy, but contact us anyway and see if we have the skills that you need.

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