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240v Occupancy Sensor

Key Features:

  • Low profile design for minimal protrusion into a ceiling space
  • Large terminals for ease of installation, suitable for 4 x 2.5 mm2 cable
  • Clear terminal cover for easy wiring inspection
  • Simple 3-position slide switches allow easy and accurate timing and setup
  • Transparent terminal cover for easy inspection of terminals and wiring
  • Load rating: 10 AX (2400 W high inrush) for all load types except motor loads: 2 A
  • Use a 70 mm hole saw for installation
  • Extremely low standby power consumption
  • 7 m diameter range at 2.7 m mounting height
  • Surface Mount Housing Adaptor¬† – Available Separately
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This mains-powered motion sensor acts as a movement / occupancy sensor, typically suited for commercial applications that require a switched circuit with movement sensing.

When used in a switched circuit, this sensor will power on the load immediately after the series switch is turned ON, where the load then remains ON for at least the selected timeout period.

Each time the sensor detects movement while the load is ON, the timeout is reset.

In the absence of movement, the load is switched OFF after the timeout period expires (vacancy detection).

When the sensor is powered up and the load is OFF, movement will turn the load ON with the same timeout / subsequent movement behaviour (occupancy / vacancy detection).

The sensor is also suitable for use without the series mains switch.


Data Sheet

Installation Guide

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