RAPIX Addressing

RAPIX Addressing

RAPIX Addressing is the simple, fast and mobile solution for DALI Short Addressing.

RAPIX Addressing is engineered for ease of use and saving time in projects where DALI Short Addressing is required: from small fit-outs to the largest commercial installations.

RAPIX Addressing uses a hardware device to connect a laptop PC to the DALI line, and the RAPIX Addressing Software makes all the repetitive DALI Short Addressing tasks accessible and easy to use. The designers at Ozuno have drawn on the experience of many installers, and have thought of innovative features that make quick work of DALI Short Addressing.

Your mobile device gives you the freedom to move around the building identifying, setting and assigning Short Addresses and resolving conflicts, for all connected DALI and DALI Emergency devices on a line.

Works with RAPIX eHUB

RAPIX Addressing supports the RAPIX eHUB.

The RAPIX eHUB is a powerful, cost effective solution for delivering multiple points of control to a DALI line.

Naturally for a Rapix device, the eHub works with the RAPIX Zone Controller and RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor, and can easily scale up to whole of building solutions as well.

Sometimes all your project needs is some lighting control smarts in a boardroom or meeting room, but not in the main open office space.

A RAPIX eHub, set up using Rapix Addressing is all you need for the RAPIX eHUB DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solution.

Simply connect one eHub to the single DALI line, and connect input devices such as push button switches, rotary switches, occupancy sensors and light level sensors.

Works with RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor

RAPIX Addressing supports the RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor.

The RAPIX Xi Occupancy sensor includes movement detection, light level measurement, external switch connection and the normal powerful RAPIX functions for occupancy, vacancy, light level maintenance, switch function processing – and more.

The RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor suits everything from single office control through to open spaces, corridors or walkways.

With its extremely low DALI line power consumption, no Short Addresses used, and extra measures to manage DALI line electrical compatibility – large numbers of sensors on a DALI line is easy.

The RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor is a DALI device, and can be used with all DALI compatible control gear. And naturally, the RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor works with the RAPIX eHub and RAPIX Zone Controller to scale up for more demanding applications.

Lighting control based on movement and light level has never been easier.


Key Features

Mobile Freedom

One person with a mobile device is all it takes to complete a DALI Short Addressing job.

Time Saving

Significant time savings can be made on all jobs, small, medium and large.

Rapid Find

DALI Xi feature allows quick location of DALI luminaires.

Easy to use

Our intuitive software is easy to use, allowing confirmation at the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use RAPIX Addressing on a DALI installation?

RAPIX Addressing allows a user to simply Identify and reassign Short Addresses for DALI units on a DALI Line.

The installer can use a mobile device (eg  Smart Phone, Tablet, Pad etc) to roam the building to find and Address DALI control gear on a DALI Line.

Typically one person will complete the ID and Short Addressing in half the time that two people would normally use.

Can I Commission Projects with the RAPIX eHUB?

Yes, you can commission up to 24 RAPIX eHUBs on a single DALI line including the sensors and switches attached to each eHub.

Read more about those applications here: RAPIX eHUB DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solution.

Can I Commission Projects with the RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor?

Yes, you can commission up to 16 RAPIX XI Occupancy Sensors on a single DALI line. This includes the integrated movement sensor, light level sensor and switch input.

Can RAPIX Addressing do more than addressing?

Yes! You can globally set min/max levels, recovery levels and fade rate/times on the DALI control gear.

You can also program scenes or groups into control gear, and activate various tests to check operation.

What computer will the RAPIX software run on?

A PC that must be running Windows 7 or higher and have WiFi capabilities.

What Mobile device can display RAPIX Addressing information?

Any Mobile device that is able to display Web Pages (HTML5) and has WiFi capabilities. The mobile device can run Apple, Android, MS Windows O/S etc. A WiFi router is required to create the RF network.

What Lighting Control Systems will RAPIX Addressing work with?

RAPIX Addressing is dedicated to the open standard DALI system.

Will RAPIX Addressing work with DALI Emergency (EM) devices

Yes it will work with DALI Emergency (EM) products.

Will RAPIX Addressing work with all DALI devices?

RAPIX Addressing works with all DALI Control Gear products that are fully compliant to the relevant DALI standard – these will have the official DALI symbol marked on them. Products that are DALI ‘Compatible’ will not have that symbol – they will probably work with RAPIX Addressing, but there may be some features or functions that are not available.

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