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Touch Screen Software

RAPIX Touch Example
Widget Software

Widget Based Setup and Design

Key Features

  • Control and monitor many aspects of a RAPIX Lighting Control System
    • Lighting Levels
    • Lighting Colour Temperature
    • Lighting RGB or RGBW colour
    • Shutter, curtain and blind control
    • Scenes
    • System Modes
    • Enable / Disable features, such as sensors
    • Edit schedules and scenes
  • Many theme colours and style options
  • Multiple pages, with navigation options
  • Display of images and web-based information (e.g. weather forecast)
  • Timeout and screen disable options
  • Password protected access control options
  • Encrypted configuration and communications
  • Simple configuration deployment using configuration files (double-click to install)
  • Licensed software – one-off cost, no cloud servers or later ongoing fees

Simple Design

Or Complex Design

Complex Design
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