DALI and RAPIX Training Courses

The sections that follow are a structured training course in DALI and RAPIX.

The training course sections are modular, and can be used in a presentation format or for on-line self-education.

Each section sets out the preceding sections of assumed knowledge. In general, we recommend starting from the beginning – even if you know and have installed DALI systems before, the course refresh information may be useful or cover something you had forgotten.

DALI Basic Theory

  • What is DALI?
  • DALI Standards compliance
  • Types of DALI products
  • Electrical wiring
  • Safety and electrical isolation
  • DALI communication

DALI Advanced Theory

  • DALI communications
  • DALI addresses
  • Forward frames
  • Types of commands
  • Dimming
  • Multimaster
  • Multiple DALI lines
  • Commissioning

RAPIX Introduction

  • Limitations of DALI & how RAPIX overcomes these
  • RAPIX Zones
  • RAPIX Scenes
  • RAPIX Xi
  • RAPIX hardware
  • RAPIX software

RAPIX Commissioning Part 1 – RAPIX Addressing

  • Traditional DALI commissioning
  • Commissioning with RAPIX
  • RAPIX Addressing software
    • Addressing devices
    • Configuring DALI properties
    • Configuring Xi devices

RAPIX Commissioning Part 2 – RAPIX Integrator

  • RAPIX Integrator software
    • Zone Controllers
    • Zones
    • Scenes
    • Xi
    • Schedules
    • Floor plans

RAPIX Commissioning Part 3 – RAPIX Emergency

  • Traditional DALI emergency device testing
  • RAPIX Emergency software

RAPIX Commissioning Part 4 – Testing & Debugging

  • Logs
    • RAPIX software log
    • DALI log
    • Zone Controller log
  • Project Report
  • Testing techniques
  • Diagnostic techniques

RAPIX Security

  • Why security is important
  • System vulnerability
  • RAPIX Security


  • How to interface to RAPIX from other systems

RAPIX Integration

  • Integration with non-RAPIX DALI devices
  • Integration with other devices using:
    • Dry contact (voltage-free) inputs
    • Relays
    • Phase dimmer
  • Integration with other systems using:
    • Eisbaer software

RAPIX Exercises

  • Exercises to go with training courses
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