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RAPIX Facilities

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Complete Lighting Control Facilities Maintenance Software

One software for all your facility lighting requirements.


See a snapshot of your building. This includes a status of all your DALI emergency devices, general DALI devices and upcoming scheduled tests.

RAPIX Facilities Dashboard
RAPIX Facilities Device Status

Device Status

View the status of all your DALI and DALI-2 devices. Click on a device to pull up the location directly on the floor plan view.

Floor Plan and Device History

View the location and history of your devices. This can be done for all general DALI and DALI-2 control gear and all exit and emergency lighting.

RAPIX Facilities Device Status Floor Plan and History
RAPIX Facilities Floor Plan

Floor Plans

View floor plans for your projects. You can view all general lighting types; including troffers, linear, downlights, exits, emergencies, and feature lighting. See at a glance which devices require maintenance.

Control all your lighting zones, identify all your RAPIX sensors and switches and locate all your devices.

Test Schedules

View all test schedules. This includes general DALI and DALI-2 device checks, exit and emergency function tests and also exit and emergency duration tests.

RAPIX Facilities Test Schedules
RAPIX Facilities Schedule Editor

Control Schedules

Edit and make changes to lighting schedules throughout the building.


Edit and make changes to lighting scenes throughout the building.

RAPIX Facilities Scene Editor
RAPIX Facilities Duration Test Report

Test Reports

View all of your test reports and quickly navigate to the Test Report Directory. These are stored in CSV and PDF file format. Reports can also be automatically emailed after the test is complete.

Repair Report

View and print a comprehensive repair report showing you exactly what needs to be inspected and replaced.

Maintenance details are provisioned on the repair report to simplify record keeping AS2293 or compliance with other national standards.

RAPIX Facilities Repair Report

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