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Warranty & Returns

Ozuno Trading Pty Ltd (Australian business number  96 621 194 483) has the following standard warranty and return conditions.

Individual products may have a longer warranty period than listed in these conditions, in which case that longer term applies.

  1. Subject to the other clauses of this Warranty, Ozuno warrants that the Goods will be free of manufacturing defects and will perform to the product specifications.
  2. The benefit of the Warranty extends only to the owner of the property in which the Goods are installed (the Owner) for two (2) years after the date of purchase (the Warranty Period).
  3. If within the Warranty Period the Goods fail to perform to their specifications as a result of some defect in material or workmanship in the Goods (the Defect) then Ozuno will, at its option, repair the Goods or supply replacement Goods free of charge.
  4. The Warranty will not apply to Goods:
    • installed by any person other than a qualified tradesperson; or
    • subjected to misuse, neglect, negligence or accidental damage; or
    • operated in any way contrary to any operating or maintenance instructions; or
    • improperly handled, installed or maintained; or
    • altered or modified prior to or after installation.
  5. The Warranty does not apply to faulty or defective design of Goods unless Ozuno has designed the Goods and Ozuno expressly accepts responsibility for such design in writing.
  6. In order to make a claim under the Warranty, the Owner must:
    • contact Ozuno to submit a technical query or to obtain a Returned Goods Authorisation for the Goods and to be notified of the return address for the Goods. Contact Ozuno using the contact form.
    • return the Goods at the Owners expense to the return address notified by Ozuno together with all accessories, instructions, specifications or other material supplied with the Goods and a notice in writing:
      1. stating the Returned Goods Authorisation Number for the Goods;
      2. describing in detail the defect or fault in the Goods;
      3. setting out the Owner’s contact details (including postal address, email address and telephone numbers at which the Owner can be contacted during usual business hours).
    • Ozuno will not accept any returned Goods which have not been returned strictly in accordance with the above instructions.
  7. Ozuno will examine any returned Goods and if Ozuno determines that they are defective through no fault of the Owner and are otherwise undamaged, Ozuno will repair or replace the Goods free of charge.
  8. Ozuno will notify the Owner whether it accepts the Goods are defective within a reasonable time of return.
  9. Ozuno will not be responsible for any costs of de-installation, re-installation, returning Goods or for redelivery of the Goods (whether original or repaired and/or replacement Goods) by Ozuno and any other related expenses of the Owner in claiming under the Warranty.
  10. Ozuno will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Goods occurring while the Goods are in transit (either on return to Ozuno or upon redelivery to the Owner of the original or repaired and/or replacement Goods).
  11. Ozuno will not be liable for any lost profits, claims for damages from third parties, or damages resulting from the inability to use the Goods due to malfunction or failure of the subject equipment. The warranty is limited to the price paid for the Goods.
  12. Ozuno will not be responsible (whether arising in contract or tort (including negligence) or under any statute) for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or economic losses or damages (including loss of data, business, profits, revenue, anticipated savings, bargain, opportunity or goodwill) whether or not the possibility of those losses or damages being suffered had been brought to the attention of Ozuno.
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