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Software Requirements, Licenses, Fees and Charges

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Operating System and Hardware Requirements

To run RAPIX Software, a computer is needed with the following minimum requirements:

Operating SystemAny modern version of Windows is Supported: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Server 2019, Server 2022.
The operating system must be a 64-bit edition.
Disk SpaceMinimum: > 1 GB free
Preferred: > 5 GB free
RAM Memory> 2 GB
Network connectivityEthernet
WiFi for mobile setup using RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator
Communications PortsA USB-A or USB-C port if using the RAPIX USB Interface;
An Ethernet port for connecting to a RAPIX Zone Controller;
An Ethernet port or WiFi for using the go-mobile function.
Microsoft .Net FrameworkThese software products need the Microsoft .Net Framework. This is included in Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2016 and later versions.
PC Timeout / SleepFor RAPIX Emergency and RAPIX Facilities, ensure that the PC is NOT set to time-out or go to sleep (otherwise test schedules will not be executed).
Virtual Machine

If running the on a Virtual Machine*:

  • BRIDGED mode networking is recommended; and
  • If the VM hosting system has a local NAT – do not use it.

Connecting a RAPIX USB Interface may be more difficult from a Virtual Machine.

Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Server 2012

Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and Server 2012 are no longer supported by Microsoft.

RAPIX software released after June, 2019 may run on these operating systems but there are no guarantees.

If you are using RAPIX software (released after June 2019) on these operating systems, please note that our software is not tested on these and it may not operate satisfactorily. If this happens, there is no support available.

Ozuno strongly suggest updating to Windows 10 or Windows 11; or for server operating systems to Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2022.

* Virtual Machine Additional Notes

A virtual machine should be provisioned with settings that will yield  the specifications shown. In addition:

  • We recommend provisioning 2 or more CPU cores. This will help performance during times like Windows updates and virus scans.
  • Selection of Bridged Mode networking (and avoiding NAT) normally applies to VMWare Workstation and will result in superior network connectivity. For VirtualBox, Hyper-V or VMWare ESXi, normal selection of networking connectivity should be sufficient.

Licensed Software

Most Ozuno software is free, but some software is sold with a product license.

Ozuno does not use dongles for licensing, because dongles can be inconvenient.

License Types

Software licenses are either:

  • Demonstration / Evaluation

These licenses are available on request. Just let us know the time period required, for example 30, 60 days, or similar. Email to ask for an evaluation license.


  • PC locked – the license is locked to a fingerprint of the PC.


  • Site locked – the license is locked to a fingerprint of the RAPIX/Ozuno products in the site, that is, the Zone Controllers, switches, sensors, and so on. Together those create a unique signature based on (for example) serial numbers and other information.

To allow for site changes the license enforcement check uses a loose match. This means that, as an example, Zone Controllers might be added, or switches / sensors added, or things taken away for some reason. The license continues to operate if the equipment in the DALI installation changes by up to about 30%.

Consequence of the approach to licensing

PC locked licenses

Moving PC’s means you would need to generate a new fingerprint, send that to us, and we send back the new code to enter into the software. This might be inconvenient as it has a turn-around time.

Site locked licenses

If the site fingerprint is created and sent before the site installation is completed and stable, then the license check may fail at a later time as the site is progressively extended and heading to completion.  This can be fixed by going through the license process again.

License Upgrade Policy

Licence upgrades (for example by adding more DALI lines) may require a new license. Simply contact us so we can generate the new license key.

When crossing license pricing tiers (for example, going from a 20 line to 100 line license), there may also be a cost associated.

License upgrades follow our “no-nonsense” policy: the cost of the upgrade between tiers is the cost difference between those tiers. That means you don’t pay a whole new license fee if more DALI lines are needed.

License Types and Durations

These Ozuno software licenses are perpetual:

  • RAPIX Facilities
  • RAPIX Touch

Fees and Charges for Interface Capabilities and Connectivity

There are no additional charges, fees or costs for the following capabilities that are available on a RAPIX Zone Controller or other interface types:

  • API Documentation – the native and full-featured interface to RAPIX DALI-2 (Please note that a non-disclosure agreement must be signed)
  • Modbus
  • MQTT
  • BACnet
  • Control4 (By use of the free driver available on this web site.)

Where other suppliers or manufacturers use the RAPIX API, their products may include fees or charges. Those products and those costs are outside the control of Ozuno.

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