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Push Button Multi-Way Adaptive Phase Dimmer

Key Features

  • Mains: 220 – 250 V ac, 50 Hz
  • Load: 1 W – 400 W
  • Load Types: dimmable LED, dimmable CFL, Incandescent, halogen
  • No separate mains power switch required – Built in
  • Suitable for one-way, two-way and multi-way dimming with no extra wires
  • Suitable for both retrofit and new installations
  • Programmable minimum level, maximum level, kick-start, off state indicator, and more
  • Active only ‘two wire’ connection – no neutral required
  • Dim to OFF with most LED light sources
  • Kid’s bedroom mode – double tap when on to dim down over 30 minutes
  • Wake up mode – double tap when off to dim up over 30 minutes
  • Selectable fall-back LED indicator level
  • “Soft-start” to help prolong lamp and driver life
  • Fits common wall switch plate apertures
  • Complies with relevant safety standards


Multi-way dimmers include MultiMate(TM) technology to provide optimised multi-way dimming of LED lamps and drivers, with no new wires.

The high quality, two-wire phase control wall plate dimmer can be connected in parallel to other MultiMate devices to provide a simple solution to multi-way lighting control.

Although optimised for LED lighting loads, this dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamp types such as incandescent lamps, 12 V halogen (dichroic) lamps / transformers, and CFLs.

Other products using MultiMate technology include timers, switches, and a motion sensor. These can be used in combination simply by wiring in parallel. Multi-way dimming, with mixed timer / switch / and movement options are quickly and easily achieved with no new wiring.

Multi-way dimmers using MultiMate technology are available in rotary and push-button versions.

How it works:

Multi-way devices using MultiMate(tm) technology communicate over the power wiring using special methods patented by Ozuno.

Other systems suffer with higher power use to run radios. This compromises load ratings and load compatibility.

By contrast, MultiMate devices transmit tiny pieces of information between dimmers, switches, and sensors. This information has no effect on lamps, and can’t be seen by a person. It allows ultra-low power consumption electronics, best-in-class minimum load ratings, and excellent load compatibility. Multi-way dimming works over long distances, with multiple lamps and multiple dimmers, timers and switches.

* In Australia & New Zealand, please contact Pierlite and enquire about MMDM/RT and MMDM/PB.


Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions...

Unfortunately MultiMate dimmers are not suitable for use with motor loads, including fans.

We recommend no more than 8 MultiMate control products for dimming, switching, timing or sensing movement on a single circuit.

Ripple control is commonly used all around the world for control of off-peak loads, such as water heater and heat banks. It works by adding an extra signal on top of the normal mains power, and this can cause some lamps and dimmers to behave badly.


MultiMate compatible dimmers, timers and switches include special design measures to tolerate Ripple Control. The flickering probably can’t be avoided, but the dimmers will not reset or cause the lighting to flash on and off.

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