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VISIO Stencil with RAPIX / DALI shapes

General Notes

These shapes are available for Metric Visio drawings.

Compatibility: Visio 2013 and later.


Download and unzip the file, yielding RAPIX Shapes_M.vssx

Copy this to your folder of master Visio stencils.


General RAPIX CAD and BIM Models

NTP Broadcast

General Notes

This software runs as a windows service and will broadcast the current date/time on your LAN.

Very few systems use NTP broadcast. It is only suitable for LAN devices as it takes no account of network latency. For use on a LAN it is a simple and easy way to distribute time updates to devices that can accept NTP broadcast.

The RAPIX eHub can obtain date and time from three possible sources:

  • A Zone Controller. Date/time is transmitted over DALI
  • An NTP server. Date/time transmitted over ethernet. The eHub must be configured with the IP address of the NTP server.
  • An NTP broadcast. Date/time is transmitted over ethernet by any computer that can run the windows service. The eHub needs only to be set up to use NTP broadcast.

This windows service provides that third option and in some cases this can be the easiest means of setting up a RAPIX eHub to receive date/time updates.


Download the linked setup file and run it.

This will install the windows service and set it running. The program needs no configuration.


Windows 7 and all later desktop versions. Also Windows Server 2008 and all later versions.

Uninstall / Removal

At install time, an entry is created in the Windows Apps list (Windows 8 and later), and this can be used to remove the program.

The Windows Programs and Feature control panel can also be used for removal.

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