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RAPIX DALI-2 USB Interface Device

Key Features

  • Use RAPIX Addressing software to allow simple and fast DALI Short Address commissioning from a mobile device or from a PC
  • Use RAPIX Addressing for assignment and change of DALI Short Addresses for DALI Lighting and Emergency Control Gear
  • Use RAPIX Addressing for assignment and change of DALI-2 Short Addresses for DALI-2 Switches and Sensors
  • Allows fast and easy connectivity and basic operation testing for units on a DALI line without a PC
  • Buttons allow all units on a DALI line to be manually toggled ON and OFF, faded UP and DOWN (if the control gear allows) and cycled ON / OFF
  • Connects directly to a DALI line with the supplied leads and banana plug connectors
  • Connects directly to a PC with the supplied USB lead
  • Separate LED indicators for DALI communications, DALI line power, USB connectivity, DALI device cycle
  • Also supported by RAPIX Integrator for more complex single-line DALI setup
  • Rugged, hand held device housed in a protective silicon case
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Complies with DALI-2 standards IEC 62386-101 (Ed 2) and IEC 62386-102 (Ed 2)


The RAPIX DALI-2 USB interface enables an installer to use the free RAPIX Addressing software for fast and easy programming and changing of DALI Short Addresses for:

  • DALI and DALI-2 Lighting Control Gear:
    • All types including DT6 LED, DT8 colour, relays and phase dimmers
    • DT1 Stand-alone Emergency Control Gear
  • DALI-2 Switches and Sensors (Control Devices):
    • Instance Type 1 Push Buttons
    • Instance Type 2 Absolute
    • Instance Type 3 Occupancy Sensor
    • Instance Type 4 Light Level

RAPIX Addressing allows this to be carried out from a PC or via a Wi-Fi connected smart phone / tablet. RAPIX Addressing is FREE software.

Using the buttons, the device also allows a quick and easy method to test basic communication of a DALI line without connecting to a PC.

The RAPIX DALI-2 USB Interface can be used as-is.  It is also a part of the RAPIX Lighting Control System, which incorporates the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) open standard protocol for lighting control.

Cable Pack

Replacement cables are available for this product: See USB Interface Spare Cable Pack.

The RAPIX DALI-2 USB Interface is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

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Data Sheet

Software Guide


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