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RAPIX Addressing allows a user to simply Identify and reassign Short Addresses for DALI units on a DALI Line.

The installer can use a mobile device (eg  Smart Phone, Tablet, Pad etc) to roam the building to find and Address DALI control gear on a DALI Line.

Typically one person will complete the ID and Short Addressing in half the time that two people would normally use.

Yes, you can commission up to 24 RAPIX eHUBs on a single DALI line including the sensors and switches attached to each eHub.

Read more about those applications here: RAPIX eHUB DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solution.

Yes, you can commission up RAPIX DALI-2 Occupancy Sensors on a DALI line. This includes the integrated movement sensor, light level sensor and switch input.

RAPIX Addressing, along with it’s big brother RAPIX Integrator, can detect, work with and commission DALI Device Type 8 (Colour) Control Gear.

Setup is easy using colour pickers and other tools. For DALI scenes, rapid set facilities are available to allow colour gradients to be very quickly and easily created.

A PC that must be running Windows 10 or higher and has Wi-Fi capabilities. For more information click HERE.

Any Mobile device that is able to display Web Pages (HTML5) and has Wi-Fi capabilities. The mobile device can run Apple, Android, MS Windows O/S etc. A Wi-Fi router is required to create the RF network.

RAPIX Addressing is dedicated to the open standard DALI system.

Yes it will work with DALI Emergency (EM) products.

RAPIX Addressing works with all DALI Control Gear products that are fully compliant to the relevant DALI standard – these will have the official DALI or DALI-2 symbols marked on them.

Products that are DALI ‘Compatible’ will not have that symbol – they will probably work with RAPIX Addressing, but there may be some features or functions that are not available.


With firmware version 3, the RAPIX eHub supports up to 8 schedules. Each schedule can support an event to be run at a particular time, on one or more days of each week.

Schedules can also be enabled or disable over DALI.

For more complex schedules, a RAPIX Zone Controller is recommended.


The eHub supports plug-and-play for peripherals, so you can remove an LCD switch and connect an eHub modular switch instead (or the other way around). The button functions will be exactly the same, with no need for re-configuration.

The eHub needs to be configured for a date / time source. The eHub allows date and time to be obtain from:
  • A Zone Controller. Date/time is transmitted over DALI.
  • An NTP server. Date/time transmitted over ethernet. The eHub must be configured with the IP address of the NTP server.
  • An NTP broadcast. Date/time is transmitted over ethernet by any computer that can run the windows service. The eHub needs only to be set up to use NTP broadcast.
When using NTP Server: Any Windows Server can be used. Most Linux machines can also be set up as NTP servers. When using NTP broadcast: A program is available that allows Windows PCs and Servers to broadcast the date/time over ethernet.
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