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RAPIX eHUB DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solution

The RAPIX DALI eHUB is a 100% DALI compliant application controller. It enables sophisticated control scenarios needed in modern boardroom lighting control solutions with unbeatable value for money. With the ability to plug and play RAPIX switches and use any dry contact sensors the eHUB solution can be installed and programmed quickly and easily.

The RAPIX eHUB DALI Boardroom Lighting Control solution is simple for the electrical contractor to install and program themselves, using a template programming approach.

The simple hardware configuration and rapid programming capability make the eHUB an ideal and inexpensive solution for every boardroom or meeting room requiring lighting control smarts. 

RAPIX DALI eHub - Key Features

A complete, stand-alone DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solution: simple to install and easy to program

Looking for a fast way to provide your clients a stand-alone DALI boardroom lighting control system quickly and easily?

Choose RAPIX eHub and peripherals.

RAPIX DALI eHub Boardroom Schematic
RAPIX DALI eHub Small Installation Schematic

The RAPIX eHub is programmed using the RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software.

These allow quick and easy setup of a customised, energy-saving lighting control solution, including:

  • Multiple Scene / Pre-set selection via wall panel
  • Automatic energy saving control using occupancy sensors with manual override for presentations
  • Constant light level / Daylight harvesting using light level sensor(s)
  • Dry Contact Inputs for low level system interface(s)
  • Manual control via push buttons and rotary dials on wall panels
  • Ability to service multiple boardrooms from a single device
  • Audio Visual System Integration using a direct Ethernet connection
  • Program offsite to save time

Think DALI. Think RAPIX eHub.

Deliver stand-alone DALI Boardroom Lighting Control Solutions, inexpensively.


The award-winning free software for DALI and RAPIX eHub commissioning

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