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DALI-2 Blind and Shutter Relay

Key Features:

  • Suitable for blind / shutter / curtain / tilt motors.
  • May also be used for garage panel and roller doors with appropriate connection to a door
  • Can be used with both ac and dc motors – see ratings.
  • LED indicators (DALI and output on).
  • Button control UP/OPEN, DOWN/CLOSE and STOP.
  • Proportional control for amount open or tilt angle in increments of 1% (when commissioned using RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software).
  • DALI Short Address, Group Addresses and DALI Scenes are configured using RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software. Can also be commissioned using other DALI
    commissioning software that supports DALI Device Type 7.
  • Certified compliant with DALI-2 standard IEC 62386 and Device Type 7 (Switching Function).


This DIN mounted relay is suitable for the control of ac and dc motors commonly used for curtains, blinds, shutters and tilting shading systems. 

This relay product can be used in any DALI system.

Operations include manual control – UP/OPEN, DOWN/CLOSE and STOP. Commissioning options allow proportional control, for example setting the amount open or tilt angle.

Hardware interlocks ensure that only one of the outputs UP/OPEN or DOWN/CLOSE can be active at any time.

Cable termination uses high quality rising cage clamp style screw terminals, and is suitable for terminating 1.5 mm2 or 2.5 mm2 cables (ac supply cables, switched load cables and DALI Line cables).

This product needs no external power supply – it is powered from the DALI line.


Data Sheet

Installation Guide


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