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New Product Release: DALI-2 Low Power Voltage Free Relay

Ozuno is pleased to announce the general release of the new Low Power Voltage Free Relay.

This relay is designed for electrical safety isolation of the output terminals from DALI, and is suitable for use in systems that have a SELV interface suitable for relay contact connection.

The relay is rated to 1 A for both ac and dc loads, and can be used for all load types including small motors and fans.


  • General purpose load switching (ON and OFF) using received DALI commands
  • Suitable for ac and dc loads up to 1 A, including all lighting load types and lower power motors such as exhaust and ceiling fans.
  • For ac loads, performs zero-crossing switching to minimise stresses in the load and reduce inrush currents.
  • Can be used with SELV and dc loads up to 24 V dc.
  • Suitable for low power / low current voltage-free interface functions wherever an isolated relay contact is required.
  • Includes over-temperature, overload and short circuit protection.
  • DIN rail mounting bracket is included.
  • Fits through common downlight holes.
  • Large terminals for easy connection.
  • Uses a single DALI Short Address; can be including in up to 16 DALI Group Addresses and/or up to 16 DALI Scenes.
  • DALI Short Address, Group Addresses and DALI Scenes are configured using RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software.
  • Can also be commissioned using other DALI commissioning software that supports DALI Device Type 7.
  • Complies with DALI-2 standard IEC 62386 (Ed 2) and Device Type 7 (Switching Function).

For more information: Refer to the DGOZ-LPVFR-11 product page.

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