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Software Update: Ethernet Interfaces can add more lines to a DALI-2 Zone Controller

Released today: The RAPIX DALI-2 Zone Controller and RAPIX Integrator software are updated to allow a Zone Controller to work with up to 2 RAPIX DALI Ethernet Interfaces.

This new Version 10.0 software support allows extra DALI lines to be added to a Zone Controller, and presents a lower cost option when lines need to be supported that are not in multiples of 4.

The Zone Controller and Ethernet Interfaces communicate by Ethernet. They can be located in the same distribution board, or in different parts of a building.

RAPIX Integrator software has been updated to allow adding the Ethernet Interface product as a new DALI interface type, and new firmware allows this to be linked to a Zone Controller. 

All Zone Controllers in a project can support up to 2 Ethernet Interfaces that add additional DALI lines, which continues to allow the power of RAPIX scalability:

  • Zone Controllers communicate in their mesh to add building-wide scale-up and redundancy, and
  • Zone Controller work over Ethernet to the RAPIX Ethernet Interfaces, allowing additional DALI lines.

Refer to the full application note showing wiring, and step-by-step processes for using linked RAPIX Ethernet Interfaces.

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