RAPIX DALI-2 Low Power Voltage Free Relay

Key Features

  • General purpose load switching (ON and OFF) using received DALI commands
  • Suitable for ac and dc loads up to 1 A, including all lighting load types and lower power motors such as exhaust and ceiling fans.
  • For ac loads, performs zero-crossing switching to minimise stresses in the load and reduce inrush currents.
  • Can be used with SELV and dc loads up to 24 V dc.
  • Suitable for low power / low current voltage-free interface functions wherever an isolated relay contact is required.
  • Includes over-temperature, overload and short circuit protection.
  • DIN rail mounting bracket is included.
  • Fits through common downlight holes.
  • Large terminals for easy connection.
  • Uses a single DALI Short Address; can be including in up to 16 DALI Group Addresses and/or up to 16 DALI Scenes.
  • DALI Short Address, Group Addresses and DALI Scenes are configured using RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software.
  • Can also be commissioned using other DALI commissioning software that supports DALI Device Type 7.
  • Complies with DALI-2 standard IEC 62386 (Ed 2) and Device Type 7 (Switching Function).
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This Low Power, Voltage Free Relay is a solid-state relay switching device for use on DALI or DALI-2 systems. This relay has certified compliance to DALI-2 Device Type 7 (Switching Function) and includes support for the optional up/down switching thresholds.

The relay switching terminals are voltage-free, supporting interfacing to external systems as well as switching ac and dc loads up to 1 A.

Large terminals allow easy termination of all 1.5 mm2 or 2.5 mm2 double insulated cables (for example, load cables and DALI cables) making this product suitable for a wide range of interface applications as well as common load switching in commercial and industrial buildings.


Data Sheet

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