RAPIX eHub Dry Contact Coupler

The eHub Dry Contact Coupler is used as part of a RAPIX Lighting Control System, allowing up to six external dry contact inputs to be used on a smart input channel of a RAPIX eHub.

All commissioning is done on the eHub, using either RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software.

The device connects to a RAPIX eHub via a Cat5/6 cable and is powered from the eHub. Each of the inputs includes provision for an optional status LED; and behaviour of that LED is set as part of the commissioning process.

  • Suitable for use with Normally Open momentary switches only (push button momentary switches)
  • Not suitable for latched (toggle) switches
  • Not suitable for use with occupancy sensors (use the RAPIX eHub Sensor Multiplexor)

Order Code:

DGOZ-DCC-6 – Dry Contact Coupler 6 way


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