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RAPIX DALI-2 Miniature Occupancy and Light Level Sensor

Key Features:

  • Detection range:  8 – 10 metre diameter at 2.7 m ceiling height
  • DALI Line Powered, 4 mA current drawn from DALI
  • Light Level measurement 0 – 1023 lux (optional 0 – 65000 lux)
  • A RAPIX DGOZ-DSW30S-Px push button slave switch can be connected.
  • Bright LED indicator at lens for easy visual identification / location of an installed sensor
  • Compatible with common industry format plate apertures.
  • Configured using any DALI-2 commissioning software or the FREE RAPIX Addressing and RAPIX Integrator software tools
  • DALI-2 Certified to IEC 62386-101, -103, -301, -303 and -304


This Miniature RAPIX Occupancy & Light Level Sensor is a DALI-2 Occupancy/Movement sensor using PIR movement sensing with Light Level measurement.

An input connection allows a RAPIX LED Modular Slave Switch to be connected for use as a movement sensor / switch combination.

DALI-2 Systems

This devices is suitable for use in any DALI-2 system, and it can be set up using any software that commissions DALI-2 input devices.

When used in other DALI-2 systems, the internal application controller should be disabled.

RAPIX Systems

This product can optionally act as a miniature DALI Application Controller, allowing sophisticated reaction to be configured for movement detection, light level readings, and the switch input. Multiple devices can easily be used on a single DALI line.

The internal Application Controller is commissioned using RAPIX Integrator or RAPIX Addressing software.

Multiple sensors can easily be used to expand coverage to larger areas.

The sensor can be enabled or disabled based on a DALI short address, or by system rules managed by a RAPIX Zone Controller.

Like other RAPIX Application Controllers a Zone approach is used. Zones are made up of a mix of DALI Short Addresses, Groups, or the DALI broadcast.

Functions available include occupancy (unconditional), occupancy (when light level above a limit), vacancy, light level maintenance and light level switch.

When switching a Zone off, the occupancy / timer functions include fade off, fade to a dwell level before turn off, or pulse before turn off. The sensor can also keep an area on while adjacent areas are on, allowing easy setup of corridor or exit path lighting.

This sensor also supports sophisticated scene control, and allows easy scale up where additional sensors can act as slaves to a master sensor.


Data Sheet

Installation Guide


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