Lighting control experts

We use our extensive technology innovation, engineering and development capabilities to make products of the highest quality and performance.

We specialise in DALI and stand-alone electronic control systems and devices.

Our products use our in-house developed hardware, software & core technologies for both networked and stand-alone lighting control and electrical power management systems.

Our products set the standard for robust performance and build quality. An uncompromising approach uses extensive in-house review and test: what we release meets the highest expectations.

Ozuno: Better, faster, easier.

The lighting industry has experienced a significant shift from conventional light sources to LEDs over the past few years. This change has exposed many challenges in the way lighting is controlled and the compatibility of electronic control equipment. We specialise in controlling modern LED driver technology .

Stand-alone devices

Mains connected dimmers
Mains connected electronic switches
Mains connected electronic timers

RAPIX Lighting Control

The secure, scalable commercial lighting control system.

From single rooms to an entire campus. Zone Controllers, Application Controllers, Sensors and Switches.

DALI compliant and with easy commissioning.

DALI & RAPIX Devices

DALI Power
DALI USB and Ethernet Interfaces
DALI LED Lamp Drivers
DALI Emergency Lighting Drivers and Conversion Units
DALI Phase Dimmers
DALI Relays
DALI Application Controllers
DALI Presence / Occupancy Sensors

DALI Software

RAPIX Addressing: The fastest, easiest addressing and commissioning system for DALI, with go-mobile functionality.

RAPIX Integrator: Zone Controller commissioning and setup when going beyond a single DALI line.

RAPIX Emergency: For DALI emergency lighting systems – scheduled testing and fault monitoring with One-Click setup.

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