RAPIX Modular Switches

These RAPIX modular switches are used as wall switches for the RAPIX Lighting Control System. The switches are suitable for standard Australian wall switch grid plates, as well as compatible wall plates sold in many other countries.

RAPIX Switches are eHub smart channel peripherals. They are available as ‘masters’ or ‘slaves’; where a master is connected to the eHub, and a slave is connected to a master.

Versions are available in rotary, push button or rocker button configurations.

The RAPIX Addressing and RAPIX Integrator software is used to configure the operations performed by each button. A wide range of functions is available, including:

  • Toggle on / off
  • Fade lighting up or down
  • Start or cancel a timer
  • Recall a fixed level
  • Toggle between off and the current level
  • Issue a scene

Order Codes:

DGOZ-MOSW-M-RE – RAPIX Modular Master switch – Rotary
DGOZ-MOSW-S-RE – RAPIX Modular Slave switch – Rotary

DGOZ-MOSW-M-PB – RAPIX Modular Master switch – Push Button
DGOZ-MOSW-S-PB – RAPIX Modular Slave switch – Push Button

DGOZ-MOSW-M-RO – RAPIX Modular Master switch – Rocker
DGOZ-MOSW-S-RO – RAPIX Modular Slave switch – Rocker

Further Information

Number of slave modular switches that can be connected to a master

Master TypeNumber of push button or rocker slavesNumber of Rotary Slaves
Push Button0 to 5Not Applicable
Rocker0 to 5Not Applicable
RotaryNot Applicable 0 or 1

Labelling, Options and Accessories

Push button switches come with an alternative button top to allow labelling to be inserted.

Rotary switches are supplied with large and small dials as well as coloured insert rings in white (clear), blue, green and orange.

An accessory pack is available with colour change bezel inserts to suit the push button and rocker switches.

Colour options are clear (normal), blue, green and orange.


RAPIX modular switches in a six-gang wall plate.

Uses 1 Master and 5 Slave Push Button switches, with optional labelled button caps shown.


Master Rotary switch with large size dial in a single-gang wall plate.


Master and slave rotary switches with small dials in a two-gang wall plate

Rotary switches are supplied with interchangeable coloured silicon rings. This can be changed to suit switch function, decor or customer preference.


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