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RAPIX DALI-2 Adaptive Phase Dimmer

Key Features

  • Trailing Edge Phase dimming of lighting loads from received DALI commands
  • Suited to lighting loads up to 500 W (at 40 °C ambient) and 400 W (at 50°C ambient)
  • Suitable for most LED lighting loads
  • Also suitable for Incandescent, dimmable CFL and halogen lighting using electronic or magnetic transformers
  • Consumes under 2 mA from a DALI line
  • Two wire dimming device: no Neutral required, only the ac Line (Active) and Load is connected
  • Nominal mains voltage 220 – 240 V ac, 47 – 53 Hz
  • Suitable for mounting in a ceiling void or on DIN rail using a DIN rail mounting bracket (Sold Separately)
  • Uses 1 DALI Short Address, and can be included in up to 16 DALI Group Addresses and/or up to 16 DALI Scenes
  • DALI Short Address, Group Addresses and DALI Scenes are configured using the RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software
  • Can also be commissioned using other DALI commissioning software that supports DALI Device Type 4
  • Complies with DALI-2 standard IEC 62386 (Ed 2) and Device Type 4.
  • Compatible with both DALI and DALI-2 Systems.


The RAPIX DALI-2 Trailing Edge Adaptive Phase Dimmer is suitable for dimming of mains-powered, phase dimmed loads. DALI commands are translated to mains trailing edge dimming. Typical loads are incandescent lamps, dimmable LED lamps, or dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

This DALI dimmer is optimised for phase dimmable LED loads, but also works with all common load types including Incandescent, dimmable CFL and halogen lighting with electronic or magnetic (iron-core) transformers.

A large space is included for terminating 1.5 mm2 or 2.5 mm2 double insulated cables for the ac mains supply cable, switched load output and DALI cable.


Data Sheet

Installation Guide


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