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New Product Release: DALI-2 Low Power Voltage Free Relay

Ozuno is pleased to announce the general release of the new Low Power Voltage Free Relay. This relay is designed for electrical safety isolation of the output terminals from DALI, and is suitable for use in systems that have a SELV interface suitable for relay contact connection. The relay is rated to 1 A for […]

DALI Relays – A Leap Forward not Backwards

DALI Relays – A Leap Forward not Backwards

Suitable control gear is available for just about every type of light source: Fluoro, LED, Emergency, LV and even incandescent? So why would you ever need to use a  DALI Relay? Integrate existing non-dimmed light fittings in a refurbishment project; Control new non-DALI light fittings that the client ‘just has to have’; Banks or circuits of […]

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