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DALI Relays – A Leap Forward not Backwards

Suitable control gear is available for just about every type of light source: Fluoro, LED, Emergency, LV and even incandescent? So why would you ever need to use a  DALI Relay?

  • Integrate existing non-dimmed light fittings in a refurbishment project;
  • Control new non-DALI light fittings that the client ‘just has to have’;
  • Banks or circuits of car park lighting;
  • Circuits of exterior lighting;
  • Path lighting;
  • Exhaust fans in Bathrooms, Laundries and Meeting Rooms;
  • Ceiling sweep fans;
  • Fountain pumps;
  • Non-dimmed chandeliers.

While DALI gives the potential to control to an individual light, sometimes all you need is a simple on/off command to a non-DALI load.

All of these can be incorporated into a building’s DALI Lighting Control System using a DALI Relay.

DALI Relays: Things to Consider

  1. What is the rating of the load? Check the rating of the DALI Relay is suitable for the type of load: Incandescent, LED, Fluro, Motor etc.
  2. One DALI Short Address in a DALI Relay channel allows control of a whole circuit of luminaires.
  3. Where are you going to mount the DALI Relay? Sometimes it’s more convenient and economical to locate it near to the load rather than back in the switchboard!
  4. Check the load type to try and determine the inrush current, and size the selected DALI relay and circuit breaker accordingly.

DALI relays aren’t a step backwards – they can be a leap forward in providing completely integrated DALI Lighting Control Systems.

Learn more about the RAPIX DALI Relays

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