The smallest RAPIX Lighting Control System is the simplest: The RAPIX Occupancy/Presence Sensor.

This smart sensor includes movement and light level measurement, allowing all the usual functions for movement, occupancy sensing, light level gating and constant light level maintenance (daylight harvesting).

It also includes a set of terminals that can be wired to a toggle switch, a momentary switch, any device with dry contact terminals, or some other motion sensor with dry contacts.

The RAPIX Occupancy/Presence sensor has ultra-low power consumption and uses no DALI Short Addresses.

Multiple RAPIX Occupancy/Presence sensors can work together – easily expanding the coverage area and maintaining consistent occupancy detection in larger open areas, rooms, corridors or walkways.

RAPIX Occupancy/Presence Sensors can work together on the same DALI line, with no other devices needed and commissioning performed quickly and easily using the free RAPIX Addressing software. Functions are configured using templates: just select the template with the required features, then select any options.

Sensors can also work together as part of larger RAPIX systems including RAPIX eHubs, the RAPIX Universal Input, and RAPIX Zone Controllers. When a Zone Controller is used, sensors can work together across multiple DALI lines presenting a seamless commissioning and user experience.


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