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RAPIX DALI eHub Application Controller

Key Features

  • Powered via external 12 V dc SELV power supply (Australia pinout version included)
  • Sockets for quick and easy input peripheral connection
  • Stores all logical operations and processing for peripherals
  • Allows plug-and-play for peripherals of the same type (sensor or human interface)
  • Segregated terminal block for DALI line connections
  • LED indicators for power, DALI and Ethernet
  • Supports the RAPIX LCD Switch
  • (NEW!) Up to 8 Schedules, each supporting 1 or more days per week
  • Complies with DALI standards IEC 62386-101 and IEC 62386-102
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The RAPIX eHub is a powerful DALI application controller. It is a part of the RAPIX Lighting Control System, and connects input peripherals to a DALI line.

The device includes four smart channel inputs for connecting to RAPIX eHub smart channel peripherals, and two additional input connections for occupancy sensors and / or dry contacts.

Peripherals are connected to the smart channel inputs. Available peripherals include an LCD switch, push-button and rotary switches, general dry-contact input, and expanders to allow dry-contact style movement sensors.

The eHub manages input peripheral power requirements, DALI communications, and provides extensive embedded logical functions for the connected switches and sensor peripherals.

An Ethernet connection allows integration with AV systems using a simple TCP/IP connection and the RAPIX API.

Commissioning is fast and easy using the free RAPIX Addressingg or RAPIX Integrator software.

The eHub is a compact unit, and fits through a standard 90 mm downlight ceiling hole. It is suitable for locating in a ceiling void.


Data Sheet


Frequently Asked Questions...


With firmware version 3, the RAPIX eHub supports up to 8 schedules. Each schedule can support an event to be run at a particular time, on one or more days of each week.

Schedules can also be enabled or disable over DALI.

For more complex schedules, a RAPIX Zone Controller is recommended.


The eHub supports plug-and-play for peripherals, so you can remove an LCD switch and connect a modular switch instead (or the other way around). The button functions will be exactly the same, with no need for re-configuration.

The eHub needs to be configured for a date / time source. The eHub allows date and time to be obtain from:
  • A Zone Controller. Date/time is transmitted over DALI.
  • An NTP server. Date/time transmitted over ethernet. The eHub must be configured with the IP address of the NTP server.
  • An NTP broadcast. Date/time is transmitted over ethernet by any computer that can run the windows service. The eHub needs only to be set up to use NTP broadcast.
When using NTP Server: Any Windows Server can be used. Most Linux machines can also be set up as NTP servers. When using NTP broadcast: A program is available that allows Windows PCs and Servers to broadcast the date/time over ethernet.
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