The RAPIX Zone Controller includes 4 separate, electrically isolated DALI connections. Each is completely distinct, allowing separate control and monitoring for each DALI line. Zones can be made up of DALI devices in any of the DALI lines on the Zone Controller.

When a control function is performed by a device on one of the lines, the Zone Controller knows how to map the required action to other DALI devices on other DALI lines.

For example, a RAPIX Occupancy/Presence Sensor on line A might cause lighting to be controlled on both line A and line B. The Zone Controller coordinates the response, through the Zone definition. When commissioning, installers don’t need any special setup actions, programming knowledge or extra skill to get the desired response: just put the relevant lighting in the Zone and then set up the sensor to control the Zone.

A single Zone Controller is the fast, effective way to link and control up to 256 DALI devices.

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