Make things happen at a particular time

Scheduled events allow common operations to be performed at defined times. Schedules are easily defined using the RAPIX Integrator software, and run in RAPIX Zone Controllers.

The RAPIX system allows an unlimited number of extremely powerful schedules.

Schedules are made up of three parts:

  1. The DATE RULE
  2. The TIME RULE
  3. The ACTION

Date rules include a selected (single) date, every day, selected days of the week, selected day of every week/month/year, or a range of dates.

Time rules include a fixed time of day, sunrise ± offset; or sunset ± offset.

Actions include setting a Zone on or off, starting a Zone fade, setting a scene, or setting an Xi Flag or Property.


Dynamic changes to system behaviour

Sometimes the behaviour of a Lighting Control System needs to change based on factors such as the day of the week, time of day or building occupancy. To support this type of dynamic system behaviour, RAPIX provides two simple-to-use concepts: Flags and Operating Properties.

In combinations these concepts allow powerful changes to system behaviours.


An Flag has two states: true and false. Typical uses include:

  • Enabling / disabling motion sensors
  • Enabling / disabling wall switches or buttons
  • Enabling / disabling schedules

Flags can be controlled from button presses, movement sensors, uiversal input unit, and schedules.

Operating Properties

An Operating Property is similar to a flag, but instead of just being true or false, the property has a value. This is simply a number from 0 to 255. A property with a value allows many different behaviours, based on the property value.

Examples include:

  • A “Building Occupancy” Property, with values:
    • 0: Work Hours
    • 1: After-Hours
    • 2: Cleaning
    • 3: Emergency power generator running: reduced energy available
  • “Meeting Room” Property, with values:
    • 0: Normal
    • 1: Meeting
    • 2: Presentation

Operating Properties can be controlled from button presses, movement sensors, dry contact inputs, and schedules.

Operating Properties are used – as an option – when setting up the operation of RAPIX devices like eHubs, switches, sensors and the universal input unit. If not needed, they can be ignored. If needed, the template-based editing system allows easy selection of the appropriate properties.

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