When strange behaviour is observed – what do you do when everything seems crazy?

In spite of the best software, and the cleverest installers – sometimes building installs and system operation does not go to plan. When that happens, a powerful diagnostic tool can be be the difference between night and day.

Both RAPIX Addressing and RAPIX Integrator include the world’s best DALI logger: Every entry is fully decoded – no hexadecimal mess. Every entry is timestamped. And when there is extra information in RAPIX commands, this is all shown as well. Logging also includes extensive and powerful filtering, to allow narrowing down to only messages of interest. Naturally, logs can be exported for separate analysis.

RAPIX Integrator allows logging traffic on any DALI line in a connected installation, irrespective of which Zone Controller is used make the connection. RAPIX Addressing works with a single DALI line, and allows logging the traffic on that line.

With powerful logs and a little detective work, strange and complex problems are easily solved.

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