OZDM Adaptive Phase Dimmer

The OZDM Adaptive Phase Dimmer provides optimised dimming of mains phase cutting lamps – optimised for mains LED lamps and LED drivers.

This high quality, two-wire phase control wall plate dimmer has a minimum load rating of 2 W which allows it to adapt to a wide range of available LED drivers.

Although optimised for LED lighting loads, this dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamp types such as incandescent lamps, mains and 12 V halogen (dichroic) lamps, and dimmable CFLs.

This is – quite simply – the best mains dimmer on the market.

Order Code:

OZDM – Ozuno Phase Adaptive Dimmer

(In some cases the Diginet MEDM may be supplied. This is identical for function and performance.)


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