RAPIX API and DALI / RAPIX Interfaces

High Level (JSON) Interfaces

RAPIX Zone Controllers and the eHub include a control and monitoring API, using JSON commands sent and received over their Ethernet interface.

This allows external devices or systems to control DALI and DALI-2 Control Gear on a line. In large RAPIX systems, it allows other systems to interact with RAPIX and DALI. Commands and responses are JSON formatted strings.

A subset of the API suitable for AV (Audio/Video) integration is available for download. Click HERE to download this document. RAPIX Integrator software includes a command generator, to make it easy to product the commands needed by those A/V systems that need to send single simple commands. 

The full RAPIX API is used by all current software systems that work with RAPIX – examples include Control4, Vantage, Eisbaer and BACIX.

The full API documentation is available after signing a non-disclosure agreement. To obtain an NDA and begin your RAPIX interface, please contact us.

Low Level (Direct to DALI) Interface

The RAPIX Ethernet Interface allows sending, receiving and monitoring of DALI commands at a low level.

This interface suits software developers who want complete control of DALI commands, or to monitor everything on the DALI line.

This interface needs a good knowledge of the DALI standards and command encoding. A copy of the IEC 62386 series of standards is highly recommended.

Fees and Charges for Interface Access

There are no additional costs or charges for API access, documentation or the additional software downloads used to develop your new DALI control or interface product.

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