Challenging Times for Commercial Lighting Control

Commercial Lighting Control

Commercial Lighting Control is transforming. New requirements want an intelligent mesh of controllers, sensors, inputs and outputs; secure out-of-the-box and IoT-ready.

The RAPIX Lighting Control System is a secure Commercial Lighting Control platform offering IoT Connectivity, designed in Australia and 100% DALI compliant.

RAPIX simplifies commercial lighting control by removing systems layers.

RAPIX is capable of performing dual roles in commercial buildings – lighting control and emergency lighting monitoring – from a single hardware and cabling infrastructure, reducing labour and equipment costs both in the switchboard and in the field.

RAPIX offers unrivalled scalability – from a single sensor to entire buildings, with the same equipment and commissioning processes.

RAPIX is the faster, simpler and easier complete lighting management solution.

Ageing Systems and Security

Commercial lighting control systems have grown over the last 25 years and developed a mature and sophisticated range of solutions and integrators capable of delivery on specified needs.

A significant challenge the industry now faces is these ageing systems are quickly becoming obsolete due to changes in the security needs in commercial buildings; widespread use of ICN (Integrated communication Networks) as a shared services platform for all building systems; and proliferation of sensor arrays, data collection and trending analysis.

What is clear is that a new generation of commercial lighting control system is needed to meet these challenges: one that is secure out-of-the-box, based on open communication standards like DALI and Ethernet, and which makes ongoing system maintenance simpler, faster and easier.

RAPIX Lighting Control: designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern age.

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