RAPIX eHub Smart Channel Peripherals

These peripherals connect to the Smart Channel input of a RAPIX eHub. The eHub provides power and stores the configuration of all properties of the peripheral.

Peripherals are of two types: Sensors, and Human Interface Devices. Within a type, settings are plug-and-play, so as an example if an LCD switch is disconnected and replaced by a modular switch, the same function will be performed on the same gang of the modular switch, with no re-programming needed.

Push button and Rotary Switches

Modular Switches

Push button, rocker and rotary dial types

LCD Touch Switch

LCD Touch Switch

Multi-page LCD touch switch
Multiple themes
Multiple languages
Fallback date/time display

Dry Contact (Voltage free) Inputs

RAPIX eHub Dry Contact Coupler

Smart Peripheral for RAPIX eHub
Connect up to 6 voltage free (dry contact inputs) to an eHub
Each input individually configurable

Dry Contact (Voltage free) Sensors

RAPIX eHub Sensor Multiplexor

Smart Peripheral for RAPIX eHub
Connect up to 3 voltage free (dry contact) style movement / occupancy sensors to an eHub
Provides 12 V power to sensors
Each sensor individually configurable

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