RAPIX DALI LED Modular Master Switch – Rotary

  • Software configurable white LED. (Optional – Orange, Blue, Green, and Clear bezels and rings available)
  • Fits common wall switch apertures.
  • Master RAPIX modular switches connect to directly to the DALI Line.
  • Slave RAPIX modular switches connect to a Master and are powered from the Master.
  • Typical switch functions include
    • Toggle on / off
    • Fade lights up or down
    • Start or cancel a timer
    • Recall a fixed level
    • Toggle between off and the current level
    • Issue a scene
  • All commissioning is performed via RAPIX commissioning software.


Modular digital switches for the RAPIX Lighting control system, suitable for common wall switch plate apertures.

All switch styles are available as Master or Slave.

Master switches connect directly to the DALI Line. Slave switches connect to a Master switch.

Each Master switch can connect a single Slave. Push Button and Rotary Master and Slave types can be mixed and matched.

Switches are configured using RAPIX commissioning software and can perform a wide range of functions.

Each module (Master and Slave) includes a white software configurable LED indicator.


Data Sheet

Installation Guide


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