A/V (Audio/Video) Systems Interfacing

RAPIX Zone Controllers and the eHub support a control and monitoring API based on JSON commands sent and received over their Ethernet interfaces.

This allows external devices or systems to interface with and control DALI and DALI-2 Control Gear on a line. In large RAPIX systems, it allows other systems to interact with RAPIX and DALI. Commands and responses are JSON formatted strings.

RAPIX Integrator software also includes a command generator, to make it easy to make the commands needed by A/V systems that only need to send single simple commands. 

A subset of the API suitable for AV (Audio/Video) integration is available below for free download.

Control4 Driver

Driver for Control4 – Released 26 Oct 2022.

This driver is used to link the RAPIX Zone Controller to Control4.

Q-Sys Driver

Driver for QSC / Q-SYS.

This driver supports the RAPIX DALI Zone Controller, and has been independently developed. It is open source and available for download from Bitbucket.

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