RAPIX Zone Controller

The RAPIX Zone Controller is a powerful DALI Application Controller, acting as an embedded Ethernet / DALI controller as part of the RAPIX DALI Lighting Control System.

The Zone Controller supports control functions, scheduling, and the seamless joining of individual DALI lines in a building.

Each Zone Controller can connect up to four physical DALI Lines. Zone Controllers communicate to each other and external systems using Ethernet networking. The Zone Controller software allows DALI Devices and DALI Groups across any DALI Line to be linked together to form DALI Xi Zones and Scenes that suit the building application.

External systems connectivity is available using a variety of protocols. These include a native and secured RAPIX protocol, a REST API, and Modbus. Other protocols are regularly being added.

The rules engine in the controller can track and control DALI devices based upon events in the system.



12M wide DIN rail mounted embedded controller
Direct connect for up to four (4) DALI lines
Two Ethernet ports with in-built Ethernet switch for daisy chain connections
LCD screen and control buttons with menu driven control interface for easy programming and initial commissioning
Powered by external 5-12 V dc supply (DIN mount universal voltage version included)
Line joining between DALI lines – on a single controller and / or across controllers
Zone creation – Zones being collections of DALI lines and / or DALI Groups and / or DALI Short Addresses
Zone joining – link Zones to form larger zones
Zone rules – configurable logic based on states of Zones, DALI Groups and DALI Short Addresses
Scene control across all connected Zone Controllers and DALI lines
Configured using the FREE RAPIX Integrator software tool
External connectivity using secured and / or trusted RAPIX API
External connectivity using REST API and Modbus
Complies with DALI standards IEC 62386-101 amd IEC 62386-102

Order Code:

DGOZ-ZONEC-4DA – 4 line DALI Application Controller


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