RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor

The RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor is a DALI Application Controller with PIR movement sensing, light level sensing, and a dry contact input.

The RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor allows all common movement / occupancy operations, light level maintenance, and also switching and control functions using the dry contact input.

This sensor can act as the smallest possible DALI Application Controller, and multiple sensors can be easily used to expand coverage to larger areas. For further scalability, the sensor can be mixed on a line with RAPIX eHubs. For an installation that spans multiple DALI lines, scaling up is easy using the RAPIX Zone Controller.

The sensor can be enabled or disabled based on a DALI short address, or by system rules managed by a Zone Controller.

Like other RAPIX Application Controllers a Zone approach is used, where Zones can comprise a mix of DALI short addresses, groups, or the DALI broadcast.

Functions include occupancy (unconditional), occupancy (when light level above a limit), vacancy, light level maintenance and light level switch.

The separate dry-contact / switch input allows connection of either momentary (push) or toggle (bi-stable) switches. Alternatively a separate dry contact type motion sensor can be connected to this input. This input has over 20 possible functions that can be selected. If a suitable function is not supported, Ozuno can create a custom function that is easily deployed using RAPIX Addressing or RAPIX Integrator software.

Occupancy / timer functions for turn off include fade off, fade to a dwell level before turn off or pulse before turn off. The sensor can also keep an area on while adjacent areas are on, allowing easy setup for corridor or exit path lighting.

This sensor also supports sophisticated scene control, and allows easy scale up where additional sensors can act as slaves to a master sensor that performs the complex function.

Order Code:

OZ-SEN-PRLLSW – DALI RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor


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