RAPIX Ethernet DALI Interface

The RAPIX DALI Ethernet Interface Device can be used as part of the RAPIX Lighting Control System which uses the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) open standard protocol for lighting.

The device provides an isolated communication path between Ethernet and DALI. Control and monitoring of DALI enabled luminaires and emergency lighting devices can be performed by an Ethernet-connected device.

When used in conjunction with the PC-based RAPIX Emergency software, DALI emergency lighting devices can be monitored on a schedule with automatic generation of test and maintenance reports.

This device is also suitable for Ethernet product developers who want an electrically safe interface to DALI with a rich protocol on the Ethernet side. A full protocol document and software development kit is available on request.

Order Code:

DGLMIFE02 – General Purpose 2 Channel Ethernet/DALI Interface


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