RAPIX DALI Power Supply

A Power Supply for a single line of the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) open standard protocol for lighting.

Each DALI line in an installation requires a dedicated DALI power supply for correct operation.

This unit provides power for one DALI line that may contain lighting fixtures including emergency lighting, fluorescent or LED lamp, colour changing lighting, conversion devices, switches, sensors and interface devices. Each of these DALI devices draws power from the DALI line which is provided by the DALI Power Supply.



Delivers the largest possible DALI line current, ensuring limits are not exceeded
Indicators show the state of the mains supply and the DALI line
Nominal rated load current for the DALI Power Supply is 238 mA; and guaranteed minimum current 225 mA
Robust design and suitable for high temperature environments
DIN rail mounted
Complies with DALI standard IEC 62386-101

Order Code:

DGLMPS01 – Single line DALI power supply


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