What is Xi ?

The DALI lighting protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) was first introduced in 2001 specifically for the commercial lighting industry.

Since then it has been rapidly adopted throughout the world due to its simple low cost wiring, bi-directional communication and the different types of devices that can be on the network.

For more information on DALI, please visit the DALI Alliance.

DALI devices use a common set of commands.

DALI also has device types, these are categories of devices with additional special commands, also defined in the DALI standard.

Additional extension are possible, so at Ozuno we have developed the world’s most intelligent DALI lighting network.

RAPIX Xi: eXtended Intelligence adds to, and works with the digital intelligence of DALI lighting networks.

Xi allows DALI Sensors, Switches and Application Controllers to grow from a single sensor or switch to an entire campus of thousands of devices with distributed control for operational redundancy.

Xi expands system function with features that include:

  • Powerful commissioning and extensive feature sets
  • DALI line to line bridging
  • Operating Properties – allowing sophisticated system functional change based on conditions like time of day
  • Flags – allow signalling of conditions being set or clear, with behaviour that changes accordingly
  • Management of motion sensors to handle the potentially huge amount of traffic caused by movement of people in large spaces
  • Sophisticated statistics

Xi grows to include Software Development Kits:

  • If you have a need to build a DALI interface, we can supply microcontrollers, ethernet interfaces, serial interfaces, and software to let you use those quickly.
  • Want to make a DALI sensor or switch? We can supply reference designs and pre-programmed microcontrollers to support your needs, all backed by and supported by our commissioning software.

Why use DALI?

  • Ease of wiring installation
  • Wide range of device types
  • An open standard
  • Individual device control & features
  • Group & Scene control
  • Advanced functionality with Ozuno Rapix and Xi
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